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Foreign Exchange / Currency Rate Board / Display System

SMARTFOREX® is a powerful foreign exchange rate (forex/fx) information solution to help you optimise business performance through state-of-the art features. It gives you the most effective way to display and distribute foreign exchange rates.

  • Real time update of forex/ currency rate information
  • Flexible system configuration - standalone or network integrated
  • Seamless integration with existing data feeds
  • Customisable display screen
  • Over 150 ready-to-use international currencies
  • Integrated multimedia advertising
  • Display of real time RSS feeds
  • Non-proprietary hardware – LCD / LED LCD monitor of any brand, model and size

More than just an exchange rate board, SmartForex is a comprehensive integrated multimedia foreign exchange rate information system which is more modern, accurate and reliable than ever

How it Works

To help you win more potential customers, improve customer service, enhance corporate image, generate more sales leads, and increase revenue and profit, SMARTFOREX® dynamic LCD-based display is capable of displaying foreign exchange rate information and multimedia content, either simultaneously or intermittently.

digital forex display board
digital forex display board kenya
digital forex display board

SMARTFOREX® is mostly suitable for:

  • Money Changers
  • Banks
  • Hotels
  • Travel Agents
  • Airports
  • Train Stations
  • Retail Stores
  • Tourist Information Centers
  • Shopping Malls
  • And many more...

SMARTFOREX® is the ultimate solution for single to multi-scale business which revolves around currency trading or simply foreign exchange information service.

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Limitations of Conventional Foreign Exchange Rate Boards

LED boards for forex rate display may be considered the cheapest display option in the market, but it may not necessarily be the most cost-effective option. Hidden future costs, slow ROI and limited benefits are some aspects to consider when you want to find the best value option for your business

Below are some limitations posed by conventional foreign exchange displays, compared side-by-side with SMARTFOREX® to give you additional perspectives on your rate display options.

conventional board

Manual rate updating

Traditional foreign exchange display solutions rely on the staff within your organisation to manually update each display. Aside from the risk associated with human error and inaccurate rate information caused by time-delay, this routine process regularly cost your company staff time and travelling cost. The bigger your organisation, the bigger the cost incurred for a repetitive procedure that can be streamlined.

SMARTFOREX® allows centralised rate updating, pushing the rate information to all displays at the same time. Its user-friendly updating process makes rate updating easy without taking a lot of staff’s time. The SMARTFOREX® Cloud version also allows rate updating anytime, from anywhere with an Internet connection, providing flexibility and greater control over your forex displays.

Limited Flexibility

As your business shifts or expands, you will need to update the number of currencies displayed to suit your business strategies or market demands. Conventional forex board with limited flexibility will require time, effort and cost to update which will pile up overtime. It can also mean that you will need to invest in new displays at significant cost and inconvenience to your business.

SMARTFOREX® provides you with the flexibility to adjust the currency display easily, topped with scrolling display feature to allow you to display a large amount of currencies in one display. You can also highlight and promote special ‘sale’ rates and ‘bulk’ transaction rates to make the most of your sales opportunities.

Proprietary hardware or limited hardware compatibility

Conventional rate displays with limited hardware compatibility tie you to a specific manufacturer. Completely reliant on a particular provider, you have no control and flexibility in stock availability or price.

On the other hand, SMARTFOREX® is hardware agnostic, which means it’s compatible with any hardware regardless of brand, model or size. You are able to source screens from your preferred vendors, or use existing hardware to minimise investment. We can also supply you required hardware at very competitive prices and better support availability.

Little to no advertising space

Traditional foreign exchange solutions do not accommodate multi-media advertising therefore your business could lose out on valuable cross-selling opportunities. Some traditional solutions do allow a little space for advertising, but a lack of multi-media integration means an inability to display various formats of multi-media content.

SMARTFOREX® provides you with the ability to display elegant advertisements that will boost your marketing efforts and increase your sales volume.

In light of the above points, the cost of using traditional forex board can stack up while it provides limited possibility to add value to your business. It’s necessary to also consider how fast you can realise benefits and the net benefit you can gain from your foreign exchange rate display, as opposed to only considering the initial investment you will have to make.

To find out more about how SMARTFOREX® can benefit your business, read about SMARTFOREX® benefits, download our brochure or get in touch.


Boost Business with Intelligent Foreign Exchange Distribution and Display

SMARTFOREX® is an innovative foreign exchange solution designed to maximise business performance and improve the way in which rates are displayed, through a series of powerful features. Designed and developed in-house, SMARTFOREX® brings together real-time synchronisation from a centralised and branch level to the customer display, so that your business can react quickly to foreign exchange rate fluctuations and capitalise on the benefit of real-time intelligence.

MAXIMISE BUSINESS PERFORMANCE with real-time automation and reaction

SMARTFOREX® allows for real-time synchronisation, empowering your business to react quickly to fluctuations in foreign exchange rates. Your business will benefit from the faster determination of buy and sell rates, bulk transactions, trade currency at the correct time and price and minimise revenue loss.

Our solution is 'plugged in' to the latest market information, so you can make better informed decisions on buy and sell rates and bulk transactions. Because SMARTFOREX® is developed in-house, we are able to seamlessly integrate it with your existing forex application at a Head Office or Branch level – enabling your business to fully leverage the power of automation and supercharge performance through real-time data feeds.

Our versatile SMARTFOREX® solution is built with maximum flexibility around your display needs. With SMARTFOREX®, you have access to the unlimited opportunity to visually promote special 'sale' rates and 'bulk' transactions, allowing you to maximise your competitive positioning and increase revenue and profits.

With SMARTFOREX®, you are also in control of which individual Branch (or display) shows which particular currencies. Our localisation features enable you to tailor your offering and promote specific currencies in specific areas to maximise sales on a local level.

SMARTFOREX® is designed with integrated multi-media, allowing you to easily up-sell and cross-sell amongst a captive audience of current customers. Use your SMARTFOREX® displays to advertise your business, increase sales and remind your customers why they do business with you.

Adcents Media Ltd is the sole distributor of SmartForex in Kenya and the rest of East Africa. Get in touch! to get started in revamping your Forex business

foreign exchange display screen in kenya foreign exchange display screen in kenya

INCREASE EFFICIENCY with convenient, seamless synchronisation

SMARTFOREX® is conveniently designed to automatically synchronise with your master display in seconds – streamlining your internal processes, saving your staff from manually updating foreign exchange rates and reducing human error. In freeing up this valuable capacity, your team can instead focus on other areas that will have a positive impact on your business performance.

IMPROVE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE with the latest features

OurSMARTFOREX® solution is designed to bring your customers the best possible experience. They will benefit from accurate and up-to-date foreign exchange rates, a wide variety of useful information (such news, weather, special offers and important announcements) in an attractive format that's easy to read.

To find out more about how SMARTFOREX® can benefit your business, read about SMARTFOREX® benefits, download our brochure or get in touch.

What makes SMARTFOREX® so smart?

Boost Business with Intelligent Foreign Exchange Distribution and Display

SMARTFOREX® is a foreign exchange rate information solution unlike any other. Compared to the outdated or conventional LED rate boards, which are relatively costly yet rather inflexible, SMARTFOREX® makes a breakthrough by introducing the use of dynamic and versatile LCD screens to display currency exchange rates.

As a result, your potential customers or even passersby can enjoy the utmost benefit simply by looking at a single display screen. Not only they will be well-informed by your dynamic display of fx rates but they will also get entertained by captivating yet informative showcase of multimedia advertising that you can customise to boost your profits.

Smart Currency Display

  • SMARTFOREX® comes with smart capability to organise an unlimited number of currencies onto a single display screen by showcasing most frequently traded currencies on fixed/static rows at the top and less frequently traded ones take turns on dynamic rows in orderly flips or scrolls.
  • Multi-lingual capability with flexible designs and layouts available in different templates. This gives your business the added bonus of flexibility to meet changing business requirements:
    1. The two-column: buying and selling of banknotes
    2. The three-column: buying and selling of banknotes + buying of T/C
    3. The four-column: buying and selling of banknotes + buying and selling of T/C
    4. The five-column: buying and selling of banknotes + buying and selling of DD/TT + buying of T/C
    5. The six-column: buying and selling of banknotes + buying and selling of DD/TT + buying and selling of T/C

Smart Promotion tools

Due to the constant growth and expansion in the forex business and the increasing number of participating currencies in the worldwide foreign exchange market, it is important to set yourself apart by through smart promotion tools to attract more customers, generate higher revenues, and increase profits.

For these very reasons, SMARTFOREX® is equipped with capability to highlight currencies on-sale or the bulk transaction deals with uniquely eye-catching, featured icons or contrasting coloured rows.

Smart Orientations and mounting options

SMARTFOREX® is conceptualised by experienced professional designers, who pay considerate attention on a variety of different requirements, especially when it comes to the installation of the solution on site. It is available in two selectable orientations of forex display boards, namely Portrait and Landscape.

In addition to its selectable orientations, SMARTFOREX® is also known for a number of mounting options that makes it easier for installation of your foreign exchange rate boards in different business layouts:

  1. Free-standing or pedestal, for installation on the floor
  2. Desk-mounted, for installation on desktop
  3. Wall-mounted, for installation on the wall
  4. Ceiling-mounted, for installation on the ceiling

Smart Update

Featuring a “smart” content management tool, SMARTFOREX® is highly-acclaimed for its flexibility and easy update of forex rates and multimedia advertising by highlighting two modes of content distributions, namely automated update – real time or scheduled – and manual update.

Real Time Update

Real Time Update helps you anticipate the rapid fluctuation of international currency exchange rates by allowing you to synchronise the latest forex information on each single currency value directly from the treasury department or from any renowned financial website onto your display boards right upon release. This facility will allow your customers to make an instant yet profitable decision on their currency trading business at your premises, at the best rate and the best time.

Scheduled Update

Scheduled Updates allow you to distribute published exchange rate information to your rate display screens periodically, based on a predefined schedule. Not only does it give you time to consider all variables in the market before finally quoting the best rate for each currency you are buying and selling, but it also ensures that all your branches receive the latest information at the right time.

Manual Update

Manual Update allows you to apply special rates on individual offices, where certain currencies are more-frequently traded than others. By doing so, you can win local customers with the best possible offerings, only unique to your specific vicinity and demography. In other words, by using the manual update tool in SMARTFOREX®, you can boost sales in specific regions by tailoring the best fx rates suitable to the local market.

Smart Integration with Multimedia Advertising

SMARTFOREX® also comes with smart portioning and positioning of the multimedia section on your display screens. If you choose the portrait or landscape orientation with a two-column or six-column forex table, you can easily have one-third of your screen dedicated to a multimedia advertising section.
Otherwise, should you need to display the information more prominently , you can have SMARTFOREX® intermittently showcase the currency exchange table and multimedia section on a full screen display.

foreign exchange display screen in kenya foreign exchange display screen in kenya foreign exchange display screen in kenya foreign exchange display screen in kenya

To find out more about how SMARTFOREX® can benefit your business, read about SMARTFOREX® benefits, download our brochure or get in touch.


SMARTFOREX® offers numerous benefits to all stakeholders – your organisation or business as a whole, your management, your supervisors and staff, and especially your customers.

How can a business enjoy the benefits of Smartforex?

  • Improve the quality of customer service, level of satisfaction, and thus customer’s loyalty
  • Enhance corporate image as a professional and reliable provider of accurate currency exchange rate information
  • Search for more business opportunities to cross-sell and upsell your products and services
  • Generate more revenue with enhanced marketing and advertising capabilities

How can management enjoy the benefits of Smartforex?

  • Manage (update and distribute) forex rates and multimedia content from a central location to all or selected branches locally, regionally or globally
  • Minimise financial loss due to human error
  • Reduce costs on hardware supplies, system installation and maintenance
  • Easily customise the look and feel of your dynamic display screens, personalising features such as colour combinations and layouts
  • Improve efficiency of staff allocation by using the smart content management tool provided by our software

How can staff enjoy the benefits of Smartforex?

  • Easily update and distribute currency exchange rate information and multimedia advertising
  • Improve their performance
  • Provide the best service for your customers
  • Focus on tasks related to the core business
  • Minimise the potential for human error in rate updates

How can customers enjoy the benefits of Smartforex?

  • Better informed with accurate and up-to-date foreign exchange rate information
  • Updated with multimedia information, such as breaking news, weather forecasts, or important announcement
  • Aware of interesting offers on particular products and services
  • Entertained with various formats of multimedia content, ranging from still image to online TV streaming

Support & Maintenance Services

Adcents Media's support and maintenance service will help increase your system uptime while reducing any unpredicted downtime to help you solve all technical and operational problems. Our professional technical support staff can be conveniently contacted via email or hotline service to help you at any time with the technical know-how of your system.

We provide a range of service level agreements which includes a help desk, rapid response service and on-site visit by our highly-trained technicians for assistance, maintenance and training for you and your business convenience.

With a vast network of IT and electrical technician service, we ensure that all regions within Kenya and East Africa are covered, including both metropolitan and rural areas.
Our Technical Services and Support allows our customers to experience the benefits of :

  • On-time delivery, skills and experience
  • Peace of mind through accountable and dependable nationwide network of specialised technicians and support staff
  • Provision of single point of ownership for problems
  • Reduction of costs and improvements in efficiency of managing multiple vendor contracts, contacts and invoices
  • Use of strategically-located, nationwide service centres for ease of reach and prompt maintenance services
  • Allow our customers to focus on core competency


  • At any time your business is operating, our professional technical support staff can be conveniently contacted to guide you and assist you with a solution.
  • Email:
  • Phone: +254 795 282065

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