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Cloud-based, Real Time & Manage Centrally. Effortlessly manages all kind of information with the All-in-One dashboard.

queue management system in kenya

Queue Management System in kenya with centralized management

The QueueBee CCM System puts you in control of your global business. You may deploy Centralized Content Management (CCM) either on an on-premise server in your Headquarters server room or datacenter or adopting our signature cloud based hosting.

The QueueBee CCM is a fully web-based solution eliminating the need of any software installation. It provides an All-in-One dashboard for real time consolidation of data or information from all your deployed QueueBee systems, such as Queue Management, Digital Signage & Customer Feedback.

queuebee queue management system in kenya

queuebee features in kenya

QueueBee is a cost effective solution for everyone: For Management, For Operator and For Customer.

Our Queue Management System is ideal for following businesses in Kenya:

  • Banks
  • Government Institutions
  • Hospitals
  • Retail
  • Embassies
  • Telcom service centers
  • Saccos
  • Universities & schools
  • Clinics
  • Any other organization which encounters heavy flow of customers.

Our QMS is the ultimate turnkey solution for single to multi-branch business seeking to enhance customer experience and brand.

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Multi-branch deployment with centralized management

queuebee qb10 queue management system  in kenya

Single pane of glass

QB20 comes with a comprehensive web-based dashboard for system configuration, real time monitoring & report analysis.

The standard report library consists of various reporting formats & templates which suite to your specific needs. The report time frame & duration is flexible & can be easily set. All reports generated are presented with real-time data giving you accurate and latest analysis.

queuebee queue management system in kenya
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